weekly mixes by jazzman & international guests since 2009 + record label since 2016

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First up is RR aka René Raabe (Germany) featuring Melchior Sultana (Malta) on synth lead & setting the listener on a deep departure to sexy smooth-cruising late night Electro with „Train Station“. Enter chords full of color and imagination, 808 stepping, and a most confident bassline…of course that feeling is sure to captivate you in jazzy synth warmth and massage your mind.

Next we arrive in Space with „Astral Projections“ courtesy of Johannesburg producer and Jimpster fan, Maddquest returning to DISR after a strong single here a few years back; arial highs will certainly be place you find yourself floating in this modern Deep House tour; with vintage samples, and hazy soul vocals complimenting the chilled rhythms, and charming melody- mixed by Melchior Sultana in a sharp way that endures.

Following up strong from Naples, Italy is highly prolific and highly skilled artist, The Mechanical Man with „Interview“. Here he gives us a resume of well crafted production where mature feeling is all in the construction; dense kickdrums with organic mechanics, vintage dialogue and classy downtown seaport warmth lives in its vibes and smoothly entice you to glide.

In our 4th selection- The rare and always quality Allstarr Motomusic arrives from Zürich, Switzerland to take you to a „Deep Horizon“; skillfully mixed, embrace the sunset 7pm sensuality in the chord personality, serenaded by silky analogue drums and therapeutic pads- indeed, premium grade Deep House designed for the deeper layers of the mind and body listening experiences, with an inviting, sexy-lounge atmosphere.

Concluding this first volume of the world tour in a magnetic way is the renowned Soweto DJ Kgomotso aka KRONIQ making his official debut along with Melchior Sultana on „Against The System“ ; crisp and crunchy drums, dreamy vibes, and lively rhodes touches from Melchior Sultana truly make this an escape from the system and an entrance into elevated, conscious, and permeating musical frequency meant to relax and set your aura on cruise mood.

All tracks are mastered with precision and top quality by Sven Weiseman for the premium listening experience.

Releasedate: 25.02.2022 (Bandcamp only)

Impressum: Deep Inspiration Show Records, René Wolski, Crüwellstr. 16, 33615 Bielefeld (Germany) Jazzman@dth-house.de