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The prolific Deep Inspiration Show Records returns in global style for the House aficionados with Family Things Volume 3, establishing another strong entry in the excellent EP VA series. For the first time we have Jesus Gonsev from Spain on board. He is featured with a single track called „Fantasy“ and teams up with Dan Piu as „The Winelambs“ feat. passports „Roger Versey“. The B-Side is by our friend Gary Hattenberger & Melchior Sultana with a classic deephouse track and the last one is by our hero Neuronphase with some super dope flute samples by Brad P.

Available in all good record shops and of course via Bandcamp with an exclusive instrumental version of „Colors In Your Soul“. 

Mastering by Sven Weisemann & Artwork by Mona Be. 

We got some love from: Laurent Garnier, Aakmael, Vinny Da Vinci, Lars Behrenroth, Andy Compton, Cottam, Mike Grant, Jan Kincl, Ernie, Loz Goddard, Iron Curtis and hopefully you. 

The dedication to deep has no constraints when it comes to Deep Inspiration Show Records- as deep music is a universal language; thus, it only makes sense to gather pure artists from around the world and allow them to speak to your soul & dreams through the vibes and machines.

This journey is Respect House Cultures; an EP series and global tour for the groove connoisseur, showcasing the fine qualities of artists ranging from the EU to the Motherland SA. Some might be new to you, others you already know and respect, regardless, all items on the menu are premium select.

All tracks are mastered with precision and top quality by Sven Weiseman for the premium listening experience. This should see some day a vinyl release; but for now free your mind and focus away from format, music is about Feeling.

Snippets: https://soundcloud.com/jazzman/respect-house-cultures-vol-1-snippets-bandcamp-exclusive

Impressum: Deep Inspiration Show Records, René Wolski, Crüwellstr. 16, 33615 Bielefeld (Germany) Jazzman@dth-house.de